The Original Letter hand signed by Susan Atkins regarding Charles Manson is Available For Sale

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This page was posted on January 4, 2012.

Susan Atkins Letter to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

This letter is REAL. I have seen and handled it myself and I know the circumstances of its origin. It was typed and hand signed by Susan Atkins (aka Sadie Mae Glutz) in 2006 on her personal prison letterhead. Serious potential buyers will be given more complete information.
The letter reads as follows:

Susan Atkins-Whitehouse

W-08304    MA-55-L
CORONA, CA, 92880-9508

September 12, 2006

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
One Key Plaza
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that for some unfathomable reason you have chosen to display with your exhibits both the Rolling Stone cover of Charles Manson along with a letter from him.

Not only does Charles Manson have no legitimate connection with Rock and Roll, your decision to highlight him is irresponsible. Though the crimes for which he and I were convicted are now nearly 40 years old, I still receive countless letters each year from misguided young people who think these crimes were “neat.” I have spent most of the last four decades dispelling this mythos and I regret and resent your choice to further perpetuate it. There was nothing about these crimes that was neat, cool, interesting, or meritorious. They were terrible and tragic, and they took loved ones away from families, friends and communities who still mourn for them to this day.

Charles Manson is not a fictional character. He is not an actor or an artist. And the victims were not fictional characters. They deserve much more respect.

Your choice to include Charles Manson in your museum seems to indicate a complete lack of understanding of who he is. The sole reason he is recognizable at all is because he is responsible for the deaths of nine human beings. This is neither remarkable nor commendable. Not only that, but of all his co-defendants he is the only one who has not expressed remorse, regret, sorrow or horror for what he was a part of. Of all those convicted for this string of crimes Charles Manson is also the only one who has not spent the last several decades trying to pay back to society in any and every way humanly possible for what these crimes took away.

Your museum should inspire and encourage young people. It should be a celebration of artists who have dedicated their lives to inspire and entertain, and who have changed the world for the better. Charles Manson does not warrant a place among them.

I hope you will reevaluate your decision to include Charles Manson in your exhibits.

Thank you,
Susan Atkins-Whitehouse

Interested parties can contact the owner’s representative at

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